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1st Franklin Financial and Guidation have partnered to provide financial education for consumers. Through comprehensive educational programs, the objective is to help consumers understand the complex financial issues of banking, budgeting, creating wealth, credit, homeownership, identity theft and insurance. These programs are designed to educate consumers on how they can improve their financial situation, so that over time they are able to move into the financial mainstream. Through this partnership, 1stFranklin Financial and Renewal Financial are working with United States Senators, State Legislators, Federal and State Regulators, installment lenders, bankers, community and faith-based organizations and others to educate them about the important role that 1st Franklin Financial plays in providing the money that families need.*

About 1st Franklin Financial

1st Franklin Financial Corporation has been engaged in the consumer finance business since 1941. Company founder, Mr. Ben F. Cheek, Jr., began the business on January 1, 1941 in Toccoa, Georgia. His primary goal was to provide “Financing for the Individual.” Business was conducted in Mr. Cheek’s law office and his first loan was an automobile loan of $34. The business was originally founded as Franklin Discount Company.

Franklin Discount remained a single office operation until 1955, when the Company opened offices in several surrounding communities in the Northeast Georgia area. Since that time, the Company has expanded throughout the state of Georgia and into the surrounding states of Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee. The Company currently has more than 245 offices to serve the financial needs of families across the Southeast. Feeling a new name would more accurately describe the business, Franklin Discount Company officially became 1st Franklin Financial Corporation in December 1983.

Mr. Ben F. Cheek, Jr. was unfailing in his efforts to ensure that each employee took pride in being fair, honest and friendly with our customers. Due to his diligence, 1stFranklin Financial Corporation has earned the reputation as the “Friendly Franklin Folks”. He was also committed to the concept that each employee is vitally important to the overall success of a Company. He asked and expected that each employee give his/her best, and in return he pledged that the Company would make every effort to give the employee its best. 1st Franklin Financial continues to hold forth the same beliefs that the Company was founded on in 1941.

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