7 Side Gigs To Make Extra Money

In this post, we would like to highlight 7 different side gigs that you can do to make some extra money this year. These are jobs that you can do before your actual job, after you finish work or even if you don’t work at all.  They can actually become your primary job.  These are very flexible gigs in terms of hours required to actually do the job itself.  They are also jobs that pay at least $10 an hour.  Working in these areas are legitimate ways to earning extra money.

Dog Walking Services

Apps like Wag or Rover or Barkly Park are the most popular. Obviously, this side gig presupposes that you like dogs and that you are willing to walk a dog and get compensated for doing so. You can typically earn more than  $12 per walked dog.  It’s as simple as that.  You earn money by walking dogs and the more dogs you walk, the better. You get dog walking assignments on the APP. This is a win-win situation where you get paid for potentially doing something that you love. The typical assignment is for 30 minutes to an hour and, as mentioned earlier, you get paid pretty well.


Expert Business Advice

The second gig requires some experience in marketing or online training or some other business-related skill.  The most prominent site is called Clarity.FM and you essentially become an expert advisor to people who seek business-related advice. You’ll get paid between $60 and $100 an hour to offer your advice as an expert in a particular area. If you have experience in one of these areas, then maybe this is something that you’d like to explore. It offers significant flexibility and is highly paid.


Babysitting or Housing Sitting Services

The third opportunity by using a site like Care.com. Most people when thinking about this site, believe that it is all about babysitting. While this is one of the primary ways that Care.com services it’s customers, they provide a number of additional options like dog boarding, senior care, housekeeping and other business services. This is an opportunity to make nice money by offering compassionate services.  In so doing, you can, for example, get paid $200 to board a dog for a week.


Freelance Photography

Number four requires some equipment and skill, but it is a freelance photographer. Using and uploading your images to a site can help you make nice part-time, gig-like money.   Shutterstock.com is the most prominent site for licensing and sharing your images. However, there are freelance photography opportunities to take pictures, specifically headshots, for companies and other organizations. You can enhance your photography skills by taking a course on Skillshare.com or simply going to a community college that offers photography courses. Typical earnings for freelance headshots is about $50 per person.


Teaching English Online

Number five is using sites like Q kids or Teachaway.com or VIPKidsTeacher.com to become an English or other language  teacher. You can earn between $10 and $20 per hour to do this. The flexibility is amazing and, while the pay isn’t extraordinary, it is easily made up with the limited time requirements. If you know another language like, German or Spanish or French, you can add to your available opportunities. Usually it’s just conversations that you’re having with the students and not actually teaching the language.  These student just wish to get better at their chosen language.


Grocery Shopping

Number six is by utilizing a service called Instacart. This is similar to Ubereats.com or grubhub.com, but instead of delivering meals from restaurants, you are delivering groceries. The app sends you a grocery list, you actually shop in the store and then deliver the groceries to somebody and get paid for doing so. Uber and Lyft drivers perform these services, but Instacart allows you to do this at nearly as nearly a full-time gig. Glassdoor, the app that checks the salaries for specified gigs, can let you know the salary range for Instacart.


Public Notary

The last gig is by becoming a public notary. Now, this isn’t the best option, but becoming a notary provides an opportunity for you to make money when someone has to transfer a title for, say a car or motor cycle, to another person. Notaries verify that two parties have signed the document for a transaction or engagement or some other activity. Usually you can make between $15 and $20 an hour and have significant flexibility.

These are just a few gigs that you can consider and can help defray your expenses. None of these gigs will make you wealthy, but they can flexibly subsidize your income.