Part 9 – Acknowledgement & Consent

To ensure that we provide the best possible service to our clients, we ask you, by signing below, to certify that the information you will provide your representative for your Financial Needs Analysis (“FNA”) will be accurate and is the information you want us to use. We also want you to understand how the information you provide will be used.

The FNA is designed to assist you in identifying your financial needs and goals so that you can make better decisions in managing your money. Your FNA will be developed based on the information you provide and on certain generally accepted assumptions and reasonable estimates. The FNA is provided to you as a complimentary no-obligation product by Primerica.

The calculations and assumptions are based on your current financial situation and today’s economic environment, which are subject to change. We recommend that you review your financial needs and goals periodically to determine if you are making progress, especially when there is a change in jobs, a change in marital status, or an addition to your family. As time passes and your financial situation changes, you should ask your representative to do a new FNA to see how the FNA’s suggestions change.

The personal information you provide in preparation of your FNA may also be shared with other Primerica Representatives in your Representative’s organization. This may be done in order to offer you products that may be appropriate for you.

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