Are You Ready to Retire? Well, This Will Tell You.

Retirement is on the mind of many people in their 50s. If you are in your 50s or close to retirement, are you prepared?  Click on the image below to see if you are financially ready…

Starting on June 9, all financial advisers providing guidance on retirement accounts must adhere to the new U.S. Department of Labor rule requiring that they act in your best interest rather than their own. The controversial rule survived a bruising seven-year battle against entrenched interests in the financial services industry, which were seeking to protect excess fees that cost retirement savers $17 billion a year – a full percentage point in annual returns, according to U.S. government estimates during the Obama administration. Most recently, the rule survived a 60-day delay by the new administration under President Donald Trump, which has considered repealing or revising it.

Ready, set, go: Retirement advice protections are here| Article [AMP]| Reuters