Become a Life Insurance Agent

Selling insurance profitably can be incredibly challenging. However, success can offer you a recession-proof opportunity to not only make a living but to generate a measure of wealth.  Additionally, agents receive benefits like the personal satisfaction of delivering a check to a family who just lost a loved one. You can experience great joy with the right training, experience, and hard work. 



While insurance agent sales do not require a four-year college degree, it is wise to have a formal education because reputable insurance companies prefer potential employees with college degrees. 

Next, you may need to take appropriate pre-licensing training. Most states require licensed insurance agents to have completed pre-licensing courses. Check with your state’s Department of Insurance to determine whether you need the course, how much it will cost and convenient times and locations for you to enroll. 

After completing the courses, schedule a time to take the state’s insurance licensing exam.  You can register to take the exam online or over the telephone, but you have to take the exam in person at an official test center.  Preparation is the key to your success. 

Success in insurance sales can only be achieved by gaining the appropriate experience. There are forms that you must understand, relevant skills that you must develop.  Failure to do this can not only increase your chances of failure but can get you in trouble. 

Next, you should volunteer or work in the community to develop valuable connections. By working in the community, you can establish relationships and improve your interpersonal communication skills.

Finally, you should research agencies that you’d like to work. It is essential to make sure that they are the best fit for you. The things that you should examine are whether they are located in an area where you have contacts with, whether they offer competitive employee benefits and other things.  After you’ve decided on an agency, take the appointment and start working.  You must work with an agency that offers regular and ongoing training and support to help you succeed. 

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