Become a Property Manager

With the boom in commercial and residential real estate comes the need to hire individuals and companies to manage these properties. Entrepreneurs and companies make real estate bets every day and the success of these bets hinge on hiring people who can rent units when they come available, provide maintenance in times of need, collect rent, evict tenants when the rent isn’t paid, pay the taxes and insurance and perform many other tasks. 



Some companies manage their properties, while others hire property managers to perform these tasks.  Increases in residential and commercial development are spawning significant opportunities for property managers throughout this country and around the world. It is forecasted that chances along this line will substantially increase over the next ten to twenty years. If you want to get a job as a property manager, there are things that you should consider doing.  

First, you should seek mentors who work in property management. They will give you advice and hands-on assistance in this area. One of the first things that they are likely to suggest is that you establish a solid understanding of both real estate and business administration. 

Next, while a degree is not required, you may consider going to a community college or a four-year university. In addition to providing courses on business administration, accounting, law, finance, and other subjects, the faculty can tailor your course work to help you begin your career.  Going to school will also offer you opportunities to network with people are either currently or wish to work in this area.  These networks can be helpful when looking for a job. 

Next, you should check the National Property Management Association’s website to see whether the state that you wish to work in requires certification in property management. Several states require people to take and pass a certification test. 

After getting certified, you should consider working with a local realtor that does property management.  Establishing a network is critical to your success.  By working with realtors, you will create connections, learn more about the business, and increase your chances of getting a job or gaining potential clients. You may also want to join associations and enroll in workshops and seminars to increase your knowledge. 

Finally, you should promote yourself by shopping your resume around. With the right education, experience, and networks, you can get a job in this growing field.  Remember, it is best to learn on the job instead of learning when your capital is on the line.  The internet has made it easier for you to send your resume to prospective employers. Don’t forget to join social media networks like LinkedIn to find jobs.  

Remember, when targeting potential employers, don’t forget to contact local real estate companies.  Most companies wish to devote the majority of their time and resources to finding, financing, purchasing, and developing properties. Therefore, renovating, managing tenants, and performing other property management tasks can be outsourced. As a result, finding potential real estate companies to work with to perform these outsourced tasks can be beneficial to you and the company.  Submit your resume to these companies, highlighting your skills, experience, and credentials and show them how they will benefit from hiring you. 

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