Cancer Alley, Louisiana

The area between Baton Rouge and New Orleans that runs parallel to the Mississippi River is known as Cancer Alley. Generally, this part of Louisiana has among the highest Cancer morbidity rate than any other geographically defined place in the world. As the river flows south into the Gulf of Mexico, hazardous waste is pumped into the drinking water of thousands of Louisiana residents. Likewise, environmental toxins are dispelled into the air. Coincidentally, the zip codes where the plants that emit these toxins are predominately located in communities that have overwhelming populations of poor and African-American residents.


There is a misguided perception that these kinds of issues are coincidental. Some would have you believe that chemical plants that spew toxins into these areas with a high concentration of poor African-Americans are happenstance. It is not a coincidence. If you don’t know better, you won’t do better!