Check Your Bank Balances

Now that you’ve chosen an account, know how to find your account and routing numbers and understand the importance of securing your account, it is now time to understand how to check your balances after you’ve made deposits. Knowing how much money is in your account is critically important. This will help you more effectively manage your money, allowing you to know how much money you can spend and when you must refrain. The use of credit and debit cards that are affixed to your accounts allows your balances to drop quickly if you aren’t careful. That is why having access to account balances is important.



Technology has made money management easier and more effective. The prevalence of smartphones have made accessing your accounts easier and more convenient. Since you have access to your accounts at the touch of a button or the scanning of your finger, it is a good idea to check your bank balance frequently and review recent credits and debits on your account to avoid mistakes. You can use an ATM, bank website, bank app or a bank location.

If you decide to use an ATM to check your balances, ensure that you activate your card and know your personal identification number (PIN). Once this is done, you can follow the prompts to get your balances. 

If you decide to use your bank’s website, all you’ll have to do is log on through a secure computer. If you decide to save your account information or keep you logged into the site on a specific computer, make sure that it your personal computer and that it is password protected. After you’ve logged in, follow the prompts and instructions to get your account balances. 

If you decide to use your bank’s mobile app, log in through a secure WiFi network. Usually, mobile apps are significantly more secure than using a browser. After you’ve installed the app, log in and follow the prompts to access your account information. 

Finally, if you decide to go into the branch, there a couple of things that you will need. You will need information for the specific account that you wish to check. This can be done by providing the customer service representative your checking book or debit or credit card. After providing this information, you will need to prove that you are who you say you are. Therefore, you will be required to provide government-issued photo identification of yourself. After providing this information, you can ask the teller for your balances.

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