Create a Vision Board

Now that we’ve established why you should develop your vision board, let’s start the process of creating your vision board. Your vision board is designed to help you crystallize your goals and objectives and to put all of this information on paper. Having a vision allows you to look at your goals every day and become motivated by their accomplishment. 

There are four specific steps that you must take to develop a vision board and help you achieve your goals.  First, decide how your board will be formatted. What this means is, will you have a physical board (usually a poster board) that you can look at every day or should you consider other options. Notable options include electronic boards of images and affirmations that you can have within the photo section of your phone or computer or apps that allow you to develop a collage of images that you can have on your calendar to look at every day. Another useful option is the use of your bathroom mirror. Many people have cut out images showing the things that they aspire to achieve and pasted these images on the mirror in their bathroom. This way, every morning, when they awake, they will see their affirmations and goals. 

Understand, however, there’s no reason to limit yourself to one style of vision board. You can use both physical and electronic versions always to keep your goals and objectives in front of you. Always remember to choose the format that works best for you. 

Second, collect inspirational images and sayings that exemplify your goals and objectives. Often, you can find pictures online that illustrate what you wish to achieve over a given period. When considering the real option, you can use magazines, newspapers, or some other publications to gather images that will be on your board. 

Third, find inspirational quotes and words in the physical or electronic format to include on your vision board. While your board will aim to be visual, specifically with pictures, inspirational quotes can help you get and remain motivated to achieve your goals.  Having a well-worded affirmation that you can repeat to yourself as a mantra can help you stay focused. 

Finally, once you’ve accumulated all of the images, quotes, and music, you should put your vision board together. You should consider experimenting with different designs and formats so that the board can be easily viewed wherever you are. One of the most effective approaches to make sure your vision board is always with you is to assemble your board on the mirror of your bathroom and snap a picture so that the exact image is in the picture app of your phone. You may always want to save the image as a screen saver on both your computer and mobile phone. This way, you will always have your board in front of you no matter where you are. 

A vision board can be a useful tool to help you develop a list of things that you wish to accomplish and to keep those things in front of you. Everyone needs a “why” for doing something, anything and by having your well-formatted and readily available vision board in front of you, you will be well on your way to having the motivation to achieve whatever you desire. 


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