Evergreen Memorial Funeral Home

After 34 years in the Death Care Industry, Allen Gene Madison, II in June of 1995, secured a financial business loan that would be the beginning of a quality funeral combination service that would meet a diverse cultural and changing community.

Madison invited Clifton Maxfield and Edward Jones to become part of that vision and on the 26th day of October 1996, Evergreen Memorial Funeral Home, Inc. became a reality with Ace Three, Inc. as its parent company.

The company staff that open the doors for business were: Allen Gene Madison, II, CEO, Clifton Maxfield, President and General Manager, Edward Jones, Business Manager, Tonya Lee, Director of Human Resources, Evelyn Ross, General Manager of Evergreen Floral Garden, Terrence Mayse, Funeral Attendant, Everett Brooks, Funeral Attendant, John McKeever, Funeral Attendant, Donnie Kirk, Funeral Attendant, Alisa Stevenson, Lady Attendant, Donald Goodman, Funeral Attendant and Leanda Hines, Funeral Attendant.

Under the present management, Ace Three, Inc. has continuously experienced extraordinary growth in its early stages.

Combined within the umbrella of Ace Three, Inc. are several companies which includes: A full service funeral home and flower shop. Heritage Relations (a Pre-need Company), and a future 25 acre cemetery.

Ace Three, Inc. is an aggressive company that pursues excellence and the highest level of professionalism in the Death Care Industry and is ready to meet the changing challenges of the twenty-first century.

Ace Three, Inc. is a story that is really just beginning.