Financial Needs Analysis

There are times when people encounter emergencies and a quick assessment and timely referrals are needed.  If someone comes to the emergency room having a heart attack, you wouldn’t send them to an orthopedic surgeon.  Likewise, if someone is having an asthma attack, you wouldn’t send them to a gastroenterologist.  When someone is having a financial emergency, there is a need to identify the challenge that they are facing and then direct them to the appropriate resources to help address their financial emergency.  Our financial needs analysis system is designed with this in mind.

In order for us to provide appropriate, timely and adequate treatment, we need to better understand your financial challenges.  Once this information is gathered, we can appropriately direct you to the resources that will help you improve your financial health.  So, watch the video below and complete the forms that follow…

Complete the Financial Needs Analysis Forms to Improve Your Financial Health!!!