Hawaii Burial Estimate

Advance Directive Form

Download the Advance Directive form for Hawaii.

Order Death Certificates

Death Certificate instructions for Hawaii.

Digital Estate Planning Laws

Law: SB2298 Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act
Description: This law authorizes a decedent’s personal representative or trustee to access and manage digital assets and electronic communications. [See the full Bill here]
Status: Effective July 1, 2016

Death With Dignity Legislation (a.k.a. Aid-In-Dying or Physician-Assisted Death)

House Bill 606 titled “Relating to Death with Dignity” was introduced to the Health, Judicial, and Finance Committee in January 2013. It has yet to pass.

Organ Donation Registries

Hawaii Organ Donation registry official link.

POLST (Physician Orders for Life Sustaining Treatment) Form

Download the POLST form for Hawaii residents.

Probate Laws

Estate And Inheritance Tax Rate

  • Hawaii has a 0.8%-16% estate tax rate (exemption threshold: $5.45 million)