Inability to make ends meet

A recent by FINRA Investor Education Foundation said that more than 52% of Americans are struggling to make ends meet. This is a debilitating and extremely frustrating situation.  We have suggested establishing a budget, addressing issues related to your debt and other things.  This course is  designed to offer you five everyday, practical things that you can do to  make ends meet.

The following are 5 practical things that you can do today to improve your ability to make ends meet:

1. Cook at home. Eat out sparingly. 

Dining out is amongst the more expensive ways to eat so stay at home and make your own food 

2. Go to the grocery store when they re-stock the perishable items. 

Figure out when the store re-stocks their inventory and buy the almost out-of-date products.  

3. Eat leftovers. 

It has almost become a faux pas to eat leftovers, but you can save a great deal of money.

4. Look in discarded newspapers and circulars for coupons. 

Clipping coupons can save you hundreds of dollars so find circulars with products you need.

5. Always use a grocery list and stick to it.  

Never go to the grocery store hungry and always make and stick to a shopping list.