Keep Your Bank Account Safe

Nearly every day we hear about hacks, data breaches and other malicious activities that make banking information and, thus your money, less secure. Headlines from as vast as Experian to Facebook and everything in between show why it is important for you to do everything possible to protect yourself and your money from being stolen.  



While banks do everything possible to make sure that your money is secure, you must play your part and do everything possible to protect your hard-earned money. There are a number of things that you can do to safeguard your bank account. 

  1. Use a secure Internet connection whenever you access your bank account online. It may be tempting use public WiFi to check your bank account information, it is not wise for you to do so. If you want to protect your money, only access your accounts by using secure online services or through a mobile app.
  1. Only provide your account information using secure websites.  When you need to provide your account number or other information online, make sure the website is secure. You can know that a site is secure when the site’s address begins with “https”. In this case, the “s” stands for “secure.” Often, your phone or computer will let you know if a site is not secure. You can also look for the little lock icon in the address bar to make sure that a site is secure. 
  1. Maintain a record of all of your check and bank statements. When you get these statements in the mail and you’ve had an opportunity to review them, make sure you shred them or keep them in a secure place. Tearing them up is not enough because they can be easily reassembled to get your information. 
  1. Regularly monitor your accounts for fraud. It’s important to look through the bank statements for your checking and savings accounts on a regular basis. Make sure that haven’t been charged for something that you did not buy. If you see charges that you did not authorize, contact your bank immediately. 

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