Path Out of Financial Anxiety

Let’s consider a few questions to help you develop a path that will turn your financial anxiety into financial comfort.  Before starting, it’s important to know whether you are prepared to create and commit to the plan for your journey. Your primary goal when developing your plan should be recovering from your financial crisis, first and foremost.  You will have to reduce your debt and increase your income to attain financial stability. Sounds simple, right? But you’re thinking, I already knew I needed less bills and more money. Duh. The reality is that sometimes there is a wide gulf between knowing and actually doing.



You must make up your mind to change the lifestyle that landed you in financial hot water in the first place. Without the commitment, you are guaranteed to fail. Failure could mean compounding a bad situation and making it worse. So before we start developing a plan, make a commitment today to move out of financial anxiety, that’s your assignment, to make the commitment. 

You may have to take on a second job and really cut your expenses.  Most people would be amazed by how much they could save by bringing their lunch from home or skipping their morning Java fix at their favorite coffee shop as a last resort. You might also have to consider debt forgiveness. Use these tools to craft the plan you need to solve your crisis. Write it down on paper, posted someplace where you’ll see it every day so that it can serve as a reminder of what you need to do. Commit to taking some type of action toward working your plan every day. Remember, small steps combine to make big progress. The next topic will be a few questions to consider.

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