Shop for Groceries on a Budget


Prices are increasing for almost everything. If you buy groceries or gas or rent an apartment, these and other things that you need daily are seeing significant increases in price. The option not to purchase these things is not really an option, so you must find ways to make these purchases, but do it within a budget or at the lowest price possible. The best option that you have is to find ways to carefully select the things that you must purchase. The best way to do this is by creating a shopping list based on an established budget. Doing this will help you get what you want without seriously damaging your wallet too much.

Buy food first. Before going to the grocery store, check your refrigerator and pantry to figure out the staples that need to be replaced. Milk, bread, eggs, and cheese are all staples that should always be available and these are the things that must go first on your shopping list. While less healthy, you can easily replace expensive fresh fruit with canned fruit. Likewise, macaroni and pasta can be used to replace other foods and can be a good substitute for more expensive foods. Finally, you should always purchase meat, but look for options that are nearly out of date, especially when you plan to immediately prepare the meal.

Forget shopping while hungry. This is one of the biggest mistakes that shoppers make. They make purchases based on hunger impulses. Most everything looks appetizing when you are hungry and often these purchases will explode your food budget. Often, if you satisfy your hunger before going to the grocery store, you will save tons of money since most of these purchases are left in the refrigerator or pantry uneaten.

Comparison shop. Usually stores offer similar products without the expensive brands name. These products serve the same purpose and work just as well as the brand name product. Don’t miss out on a good deal by insisting on having a popular brand.

Read online and newspaper circulars before you go into the store. Stores provide weekly information describing the deals that are available. Sales or discounts can be your wallet’s best friend.

There are other things that you can do to save money. Among them are

  • Clip coupons
  • Buy dry goods and toiletries in larger sizes
  • Resist the temptation to walk up and down aisles
  • Make a list and stick to that list as closely as possible
  • Write the prices for all of your purchases on a pad or store them in the notes section of your phone so that you can keep a good record of your purchases
  • Last, and most importantly, always bring a sensible shopping list and stick to it.


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