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Sun Loan® and Guidation have partnered to provide financial education that helps consumers understanding the complex financial issues of banking, budgeting, creating wealth, credit, homeownership, identity theft and insurance. This information is designed to help consumers improve their financial situation by moving into the financial mainstream. We have partnered with Members, United States Senators, State Legislators, Federal and State Regulators, installment lenders, bankers, community and faith-based organizations and others to conduct research and educate them about the important role that Sun Loan® plays in providing capital to credit-challenged consumers.

About Sun Loan Company

Founded by Thomas L. Brundage, Sun Loan Company® opened its first office August 1988 in San Antonio, TX. Now under the leadership and guidance of our President, Thomas O. Brundage, they have grown to be one of the five largest companies in the small loan business with over 220 offices operating in nine states.

They believe that customer service is the key to any successful business, and that the best way to make the customer feel appreciated is to make the employee feel appreciated. Their goal is to have a happy, enthusiastic team of people who enjoy coming to work. They strive to hire and train people who are looking for an opportunity to grow in a dynamic and fast paced environment, while providing them with an industry leading compensation and benefits package, and the professional training and feedback necessary to help them succeed.

Sun Loan Company® is part of the consumer finance industry that pumps billions of dollars into the economy of the United States yearly. The consumer finance industry consists of all sorts of companies that lend money to consumers to allow them to purchase the goods or services that they need to enrich their lives. Some companies make loans for specific purchases, like an automobile, using the item purchased as security, or collateral, on the loan. Some companies issue credit cards that allow individuals to make purchases virtually anywhere by utilizing a line of credit associated with that card. Others, like Sun Loan Company®, make loans based on the credit worthiness of the applicant that the consumer can use for any purpose they see fit.

Sun Loan Company® encourages their employees to play an active role in the local communities that they operate in. In addition to playing an important role in the local economy of these communities, their employees volunteer for numerous civic and charitable events and activities.

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