There are tools that you can use to cut your premiums

Millions of Americans are interested in discovering how they save money on their insurance.  The secret can be in combining multiple policies to extract the discounts you desire.  If you are interested in discovering how you can reduce you insurance costs, click on the image below…

By consolidating, he said, you could be missing out on low rates from a growing roster of start-ups that focus on one kind of insurance (such as pay-per-mile auto insurer Metromile, for example, or property insurer Lemonade). Adams said bundling also might not be the best bet if you live in an area where your choice of insurer for one product is limited — such as Florida, where many big insurers have pulled out of the home insurance market. Or, if you drive a classic car or own an older home, either of which can influence rates for that line of coverage.

Bundling auto, homeowners insurance can cut your premiums

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