Use Your Vision Board

We now know the importance of a vision board, how to develop it, and now let’s understand how you can use your vision board to achieve your goals and objectives. As we’ve come to understand, this tool can help motivate you to move your thoughts from concept to specific acts.



Your Vision Board will answer the fundamental question, Why?

  • Why are you getting up early in the morning to improve your health?
  • Why are you working long hours to attain your goals?
  • Why are you speaking with your clients to help them achieve their goals?

All of these questions will be visualized on your vision board. There are four specific things that you can do to move your way into one particular activity that will help you achieve your dreams.

First Place Your Vision Board, where you can see it every day, especially when times are tough. When you created your vision board, you were developing an object that provided a visual reminder of what you are hoping to accomplish. The only way that this tool can and will be used effectively is if you can view it regularly to maintain your focus and motivation. As mentioned earlier, having your board on your bathroom mirror and taking pictures of that board and placing it on your phone and computer will be most effective.

Second, look at your vision board regularly. Commit to looking at your vision board at least two or three times per day. Because you use your phone so frequently., this can be done quite easily if you place this tool as a screensaver on your phone or computer. It would also be useful for you to develop a video containing all of your images, sayings, and inspirational music as a backdrop. You can watch this video two or three times per day.

Third, be cautious about the effectiveness of your vision board. Now, we have been touting the virtues of this tool, but merely having it won’t enable you to achieve your dreams. It is excellent to have inspirational images, sayings, and music, but it is critical that you use this information to take appropriate action. Therefore, while we encourage the use of a vision board, we encourage you to “use it” properly and “take action.”

Fourth, and finally, make sure that you place images, sayings, and music, on your board that focuses not only on the result but most importantly, “the process.” Your Vision Board should provide you with real points of focus to help you visualize your goals. Always know that it is fantastic to be a dreamer, but it is more important to take action based on your dreams.

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