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Have you ever done your job well, had the evidence to show that you did your job well and still found yourself in a situation where your job was on the line? That was me just last year. You see, I worked on a job for 10 years, kept a log showing what I did and everything checked out. It seemed not only that I didn’t have to worry about being fired, but a promotion was well in order. Well, this was not the case!
We don’t realize it, but we are all “a bad day” away from losing everything that we have worked for. I effectively presented my services to the customers, convinced them to become customers and helped my clients realize thousands, if not millions of dollars of additional revenue on a monthly basis. All of that mattered to me, but it didn’t matter to some who held my livelihood in their hands. There was nothing that I could do to convince them that I was making their business profitable, they didn’t really care for me and wanted someone else to take my job.
You may not be disliked by any key players in upper-level management. You may not have someone vowing to replace you in favor of one of their buddies. It is difficult to realize that after you’ve invested a great deal of your time, energy and effort into accomplishing specific goals, it can all just go away. It can go away without any consideration, without any concept of the impact on yourself and your family or without considering the significant and positive financial impact on their industry and company.
I had the credentials, I had the contacts, I had the knowledge, understanding and measurable results. I simply did not have the kinship or support with the right person. Fortunately, my livelihood was not predicated on one person who had a grievance toward me. It was really great that my lot was based on a committee of people. As a result, I presented my case, the vote was taken and I was able to retain my position.
While it seems like it all worked out in my favor, I learned an absolutely important lesson from this experience. One person, one person, having a bad day, week, month or year, can mean the difference between whether your quality of life is maintained or destroyed. One person can change everything about not only your life, but your family’s life. It can mean the difference between, especially if you have specialized skills, whether you will have to settle for something that doesn’t meet your credentials or whether you have to seek help from outside sources like family and friends. No one or no thing should have that level of power over your life.
When this happened, I realized that having only one option means that you really have no options. It is hard to manage your life and your family’s life if you have to rely on one source of income and that one source has the ability to place their thumb on you and control your destiny.
There is a popular biblical story that admonishes anyone who would listen about having only one stream to sustain life. You see, the Lord placed the Garden of Eden, in the middle of four streams to ensure that the tribe was adequately supplied with this most valuable resource, water. Other than oxygen, water is the most important nutrient needed to sustain life. You can survive for weeks or even months without food, but water is absolutely essential. Wars have been fought over water, lives have been lost over water, millions of people have been displaced to ensure access to water.
I realized that I was doing my family and myself a huge disservice by not having more than one stream. I was placing my lot and “hoping” everything worked out in my favor. Fortunately for me, it did. But it could have easily gone the other way. I realized that I needed multiple streams of income to make sure that all would be well.
Your challenge doesn’t have to be an untenable boss. It could be sickness, loss of a loved one, or a family crises. Any number of issues could arise that prove that having multiple income streams can mean the difference between your survival or your demise.
If you’ve gotten this far in this ad, it’s obvious that you understand my sentiment and want to know the next chapter of this story. Well, I decided to take my life into my own hands. I found a company that could retrain me using an online marketing system to better secure my future. This company MOBE, offered me a 21-step program that helped me move from financial desperation to financial freedom. You see, MOBE offers a coach that brings you through a system that teaches you how to market online.
Trust me, once you learn the skills that I have developed with MOBE and its coaches, you will feel the way I do. You will feel that you have a level of invincibility and that you will never again rest under someone’s thumb again. You will realize that you have the ability to recapture the family life that you had to put aside to pursue a career that either doesn’t pay you enough, takes too much of your time or leaves you feeling unfulfilled. Your will realize that driving to work before the sun rises and getting home after it sets is not living. You will realize that you can accomplish anything and you’ll have the freedom of time, location and money to achieve your dreams.
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